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Located on the white sand of the Caribbean Sea and the wonderful tropical jungle, you will find charming village in complete harmony with nature.


We are located in the Mayan ́ s world, a population of culture and a great astronomical field. Surrounded by the most beautiful Mayan ruins, the closest are the Ruins of Tulum, facing the sea, on its cliff of rocks, Tulum, in Mayan lenguaje means "wall over the sea", the original name of this town was Zama, which means sunrise, given its strategic position that allows you to see the sunrise. Also you can follow the archaeological tour through Cobá (40 km) where you can find the highest pyramid of the Yucatan peninsula, a place in the middle of the jungle with an unparalleled and fascinating atmosphere. Another fascinating archaeological site is Ek Balam (90 Km), Muyil (20 Km). The most important archeological site is Chiche Itzá (150km), a true Mayan city, where the ball game court, Market, cenotes where Mayan sacrifices were present, etc. can be found. The Archeological zone of Chichen Itzá was inscribed on the list of UNESCO's world heritage in 1989 and in July 2007 it was recognized as one of the new wonders of the world.


Located at 145 km. to the south of the cosmopolitan city of Cancún, Tulum is divided into three different areas, the Hotel Zone, the City and the Archeological Zone. In the first area, there are some of the most fascinating beaches on the Caribbean coast. The area is distinguished by its simplicity, which shows a deep respect for the environment: The rustic cabins and small hotels were built in complete harmony with the natural beauty of their surroundings


The city of Tulum is located next to the state highway, where business and social life take place. Here you will find shops, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, typical Mexican handicrafts, post office, bakeries and tourist information among other things.The town of Tulum and the hotel zone is 3 km. To get around you can rent a bicycle, rent a car, take a taxi or use public transport. The bicycles are very popular and cheap to transport in the hotel zone


In addition to the great and beautiful ruins that can be discovered in your visit to Tulum, there are the cenotes, which exist in the Yucatan Peninsula and its formation is related to the Chicxulub ring, it is a chain of cenotes in the form of a semicircle, which according to studies they form the edge of the impact left by the asteroid, to which the extinction of the dinosaurs is attributed. In Quintana Roo the cenotes cover an area of 61 km of caves, there aremany that have not been discovered. The ancient Mayans had a strong connection with the cenotes, since they were their source of water, and they also considered them the entrance to the underworld. These pools of crystalline water exist in few places in the world, and the Yucatan Peninsula has the largest extension.

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